Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wireless Internet - kinda

So now that I have wireless internet I can get back to blogging pretty quickly. It's realy a treat to be able to surf the internet at home soo fast. I mainly got it so that Amber could take some online classes during her off semester. Turns out that BYU-I lets you take online classes during the off track semester. I wish I'd known that before. KRsitina could have taken a few. But oh well. This will allow Amber to redo the first anatomy class and get started on some foundations that she passed up in order to take the anatomy classes. and hopefully she can get in the medical terminology class which is the last prerequisite for the Medical Assistant program. Yea, she didn't make it into nursing. She'll have to get in later and possibly into another program at another school. But if she has her CMA she'll have a better chance of getting into another program. If nothing else, she'll have a job. So yea... wireless.

It's just too bad that it turned out the old home computer doesn't do WIRELESS!! It'll have to stay connected to the ethernet cable in order to be online. ((((SIGH))))


Michele Alger said...

Wow! PLAH!! You would think those landlords of yours would be thrilled you want to update things. Less for them to worry about when you leave. As for now, you are such a SAINT!!!

Miss Kristina said...

I'm so excited to have wireless when we get home! :) It'll be great. Just a couple more weeks.