Thursday, December 09, 2010

Life Never Slows Down

So you'd think I would have known, wouldn't you. A picture at graduation like this....

Of course it couldn't be any surprise! But she's been dating alot of other guys, thought she was in love many times... what makes THIS ONE so different? LOL

He called me before he asked her... before the big date. He had a question for me. I had a few questions for him. I was very impressed when I asked him "How do you KNOW she's the one?" I'd heard from Kristina already, "The spirit told me." He said the same thing. And I know the spirit is a powerful witness but when you hear that about nearly every guy she dates... well it's hard not to be skeptical, as much as it drives her crazy that you are. Surely at least Mom should have more faith. But I hadn't had a witness yet. So I was very impressed when he went on to tell me that she fit everything he wanted in a wife except one thing. Turns out he'd made a list just like Kristina had. and the one thing she didn't fit - she's not neat and tidy. LOL Very cute. I asked him about their life together and what he was going to do when things got rough. He said he was going to look to the future and remember where they were going and what they were building. I was pretty impressed. In tears, I finally told him, "Yes you can marry my daughter!"

And it happened. It would have happened even if I hadn't said yes. It would have happened even if he hadn't called me. But I am so happy to be included and so glad for Kristina. She got a really good guy. I'm very excited for them!

So this little lover is Toby! Sister Carter couldn't take him back to England with her and his breeder wouldn't take him back. So on condition that I get him fixed, I took in this beautiful boy worth $2,000!! Yep... he is a champion persian cat! Isn't he a doll? In the above picture he is begging me with those sweet eyes not to go to work that day. I was sorely tempted as you can imagin! LOL

Ryan has decided THIS is the cat that he's finally going to be able to connect with. So he's in charge of feeding him in the morning and evening. And he spends ALOT of time with him. Toby is such a sweet and loving cat. Earlier this week when I started getting nervous about taking a $2000 cat to the vet to turn him into a $20 cat, he somehow knew, and slept with me all night. It was funny cause he hasn't spent the night with me like that since.

Course.... he isn't quite the same since then either!



Kristen Moss said...

I hate cats... but this cat, I might just like. He is cute.

and congrats mama on the engagement. He is an awesome man.

Ging said...

Your life is full of joy. I am very happy for those two. Can't believe how many secret "love affairs were happening or about to happen in my seminary class. Hmm. Did they hear a word that I said?
I always wanted a persian- he is a beaut!