Saturday, January 02, 2010

Is it possible to be this happy??

This Christmas has just been the best ever! I've been so happy lately. And it started even before the girls came home from college. But now that they're here, the joy is even greater. Our family can't seem to stop laughing! The time we spend together is full of giggles and laughs and just enjoying each other.

We Secret Santa'd a family here in town and had the best time ever. On Christmas Eve, we went caroling to some of our Favorite friends' and the best part of that night was all the laughing and talking we did when we got back in the car AFTER the caroling! I mean, it was great!

Christmas morning was joyful and the presents didn't take too long. So no one was tired and worn out. We appreciated everything, even Ryan's homemade gifts. Oh that boy is so talented!! Game night came soon after, which we spent at KFC cause Krsitina had to work. The people she works with couldn't believe we had game night at KFC! New Year's Eve and New Year's Day were so much fun. We celebrated and ate and yelled at the TV at the football games and had the best time! Then today, after a LONG sleep-in, we took off in the afternoon for Albany. My mom sent the kids gift cards for Kmart and that's the closest one we could find. We shopped like crazy and then had dinner at Carl's Jr. and had the best time ever! The pictures are a little hazy because no one could keep still long enough! But look at the laughter! Is it possible to be this happy? Oh how I love this time the Lord has given us. I will treasure it always and always!!

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Miss Kristina said...

That was the best time ever. I'm so excited to see what else we do while I'm home. It's the littlest things that mean the most.