Thursday, July 17, 2008

I had no idea!

I knew once a looong time ago that I signed up for a blog. I tried it out for awhile and then gave it up. But now EVERYONE seems to have a blog! So when I went to sign up for one too (finally!) it turned out someone already had my name - MelissaPOM!! The nerve!! So I put the name into the address they said I needed to sign up for and wah lah! My very own blog! LOL It just appeared! I couldn't believe it! So now I have it back and it's all there! Kinda weird but ok! I think I"ll get the hang of this.

So POM.... have you been wondering why I"m MelissaPOM? Well my name is Melissa. Hi. How are ya? Well when I got online in 1996 for the first time, I barely even knew what a window was, let along how to surf the internet! Well the kids' teacher told me her husband was a nurse and he was always going to this nurses chatroom and chatting. She said it was really fun. I figured I'd check it out since, up to then, being online was pretty boring. It was just some huge encyclopedia, right? Well I went to the chat room and found her husband - Jetski! He was talking to someone named Grey Ghost! Wow! I guess in a chat room you have to have a "handle" or it's probably against the law to chat! LOL So it was like 10pm and I was like 5 months pregnant with my 5th baby and I was VERY tired! What other handle would be more appropriate than "Pooped Out Mom"! So that's what I used and everyone knew me as that. It's a memorable name, don't you think? They shortened it to POM of course and that stuck all through my online career!

Now, that I'm not so online oriented anymore, I've combined the names... MelissaPOM. Tah dah! there, now you know a little something about me! LOL So write back or something so I know this actually works, ok?