Saturday, November 07, 2009

Once upon a time, a long time ago.... Ok well it was about 6 years ago I think.... When Kristina was a freshman and playing in North Eugene's band. She was so excited about it and they were so busy doing stuff in the community. Her excitement was contagious and I tried to be there for every concert and every competition. One day, they were at LCC doing some kind of workshop that included some scholarships. I came to the auditorium to listen to North's band when it was their turn to play and be judged. I don't remember if the bands combined or if I was just listening to Jazz band. And maybe Kristina was a sophomore by then. However it came to be, there I was listening to the most amazing solo trumpet! A curly headed blone haired boy stood in the front and played the most wonderful lead I'd ever heard. I remember the judges' comments about how he'd never heard a rock song jazzed up like that. He took a song we hear alot on the radio and made it jazzy and soul and it was just amazing. He ended up getting a scholarship from that workshop! I don't know if he ever did anything with his talent but forever afterward, I held that performance as the epitamy of school bands. The sort of goal or level you could reach if you REALLY love band and work hard. I always had a little hope or wish or goal in my heart that maybe one of my kids will have an opportunity like that. And Yea Kristina had her BIG solo at her graduation plus the fame of the saxaphone girls in Jazz band. And Amber had her big night too playing a duet with Kristina as they led the band into a song. And Nicholas has had bunches of the most amazing solos since he started playing the Trumpet.

But this last Thursday, IT HAPPENED!! I couldn't believe it! I knew Nicholas had a big solo coming up and he'd been practicing that song. But I never understood what it was REALLY going to be. Until I saw him being brought to the front!!! And then that soulful sound of "Someone to Watch Over Me" coming out of his trumpet!! Oh my gosh! This was it! The epitamy, the goal!! What I considered one of the highest levels... the highest honor! He was playing the melody of the entire song while the band played the background stuff. In fact, once the lights came on and I could see the program, he was the FEATURED player in that song! WOW! I couldn't help myself. As dumb as it may seem, I absolutely burst into tears!! Unbelievably, my little wish, my little hope for my children, one that I'd never even told a single solitary soul, came true. AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I mean... really amazing!!! I put the video on my facebook if you want to see/listen to it. Just amazing! I can't believe he got to do that. Just incredible!

That same night we also had a concert at Madison to be at. Heather and her friend are the new and upcoming saxaphone girls! They were just beautiful!!

And Ryan is our newest trumpet player! This was his first concert and he did really well!! He was very inspired and excited about his accomplishments that night!
Anyway, just had to share! I love band in the schools. I know they're cutting programs everywhere but the kids will lose out on sooo much if they ever got rid of any band program!! Look at how far they could go. This stuff even could result in scholarships for college! Wow.