Friday, June 05, 2009

Another Graduate

So Amber is graduating too and will go to BYU-Idaho also. How exciting. I missed getting the girls into a dorm so Amber will be sharing an apartment with Kristina and her friends, living off campus across the street from the school! What a thrill! I've been having such a good time planning for graduation. I can't wait to see my mom.
and thrill upon thrill - Amber won another scholarship! how incredible!! She has her Peace Health Mentorship scholarship which will be very large. Now she's added another $1000 to the pot. PLUS the Pell grant and the Award of Excellence she got from the school! What a relief! I also have talked to the nursing department to make sure we are planning the correct classes for her to take so she can apply for the nursing program by next March! I'm so excited and sooo NERVOUS for her. she has to keep her GPA up to AT LEAST a 3.7!! which I KNOW she can. But still.......
Anyway, here is my other most beautiful girl, all grown up. How does this happen? It seems like it was just yesterday she was clutching her little dolls and singing at the top of her voice while standing on the couch! And now look at her! No more dolls. Off to experience the big world out there!


Melissa Price said...

Way to go Amber--and Melissa. They grow too fast, huh??

Kathy said...

Congratulations, Amber! And way to go, Mom!

Michele Alger said...

Melissa! I can't believe your children are SO grown up!!! Weren't thy JUST in Primary?! What beautiful young women your girls are. What a blessing and how exciting the news about Amber and her scholarship. Thanks for sharing! I bet you miss them terribly.
Love you tons!