Friday, June 05, 2009

A Glimpse of College Life

Kristina and I have been having fun with the webcams at school. It's been such a treat for me to see just a tiny part of her life there. To stretch across the miles and see a glimpse of normal everyday life for her has been so much fun. I've been teased alot about stalking her or not letting go or whatever. No one seems to understand how teeny of a glimpse it really is or how important that connection is to us. When kids are so far from home, isn't it normal to crave some kind of connection, no matter how small? Surely it must be. We talk on the phone nearly everyday. She either has some new excitement going on or a worry to talk over with me. And more often than not, somehow I come up with just the right thing to say to her about whatever her worries are. We're just talking about it all... mostly she just needs to vent... and suddenly, I've said exactly the thing she needed to hear. It's so amazing! I never knew I was so wise! LOL

Well the top picture is of her at the testing center today. She had 2 tests today that she really worried about. One she said would be fairly easy. But the science one, she was pretty nervous about. She prayed and prayed over these tests and educated her roommate about the subject, giving her a unique (to her) way to study and then called me to tell me all about how food breaks down in the body and all the long scientific names. Amazing! The girl could be a nutritionist! LOL I suggested she study for another hour and DON'T rush! And she did. Then she texted me that she was just walking in and when she got there, look at the beautiful smile she flashed at the camera! LOL Funny girl!

The second and third pictures are at the MC - I can't remember what MC stands for but it's the cafeteria. With some urging from me, she's splurging regularly on a fruity drink or a snack and taking it easy between classes. So the second one is her about to get something to eat - but oh wait. She has to text her mother to come see her on the webcam first! LOL That's what she's doing there... texting me. LOL

and the last one is actually the first one we set up. she was afraid of being to obvious by standing in front of the camera and waving or something. See the drink in her hand? While she was sitting down and slurping on it, she had been on the phone with me. I asked her if she could see the webcam that was there. she looked around and said "Oh yes, I see it". I told her, "go stand in front of it." So she said yes she would after she finished her drink. LOL She was there for like 2 seconds and I was lucky to even see her. LOL It really is impossible to "stalk" someone on the school webcams!

So we're just silly girls. One of us at college and having a blast and the other, wishing sooo much that I could do something fun and exciting like that too!

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