Friday, September 11, 2009

Traveling to College

Hurray! We made it to Idaho! I never thought we'd get out of Oregon. Let me tell you! A long trip is made longer by trying to travel through the night! I was so glad when morning found us in Idaho!

College girls with the Snake River behind them. We made many stops along the way. Our car was packed to overflowing so cramped legs and sore bottoms and sleepy eyes had us stopping just about every 2 hours to stretch and switch drivers. I'll never drive during the night again! But this part of the trip really was very beautiful!

When we finally made it to Rexburg, we were so happy to easily find the apartment complex they were moving in to. It's right across the street from the stadium. This pic looks like an ad for the place. LOL But they probably won't stay there for their next semester. They need more storage space for 6 girls in the apartment. There was only one drawer in the kitchen and hardly any cabinet space. They're going to look around to see if there are any other apartments they'd rather have that has more storage for 6 girls.

A quick and easy check in and we were moving into the apartment very quickly. It was pretty exciting to settle into a new place.

This mess was after 5 trips to the storage unit where Kristina and her friends stored their stuff. Compared to the other college students emptying out their storage unit, the girls did a very good job packing it into boxes and organizing it..... even though it DOES look like a mess in this picture. LOL Amber only had her suitcases to unpack. She had it all put away very quickly. It took the other girls a little longer. :-)

An unbelievable crowd at the welcome assembly. The welcome had just started and there were still people streaming in, trying to find a seat. In the end there was standing room only. In this pic, Kristina and Heather are sitting with Kathy and some other girls. Section F, right under the F. Unless you were there, you really can hardly see them! But isn't that an amazing crowd? Wow!
It's good to have them at school now and settled in. It's alittle quiet at home but we're going to adjust ok.

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